Ellie Harrison’s essay is a practice-based, experiential discussion of how arts skills and strategies, built over the course of a career, can be applied to ways of making change. ‘Artist as Active Citizen’ was commissioned by a-n Artists Council as part of its one-year research project Artists Make Change.

Artists Make Change is a research and development project designed to explore the role of the artist in society, and in particular to assess, and advocate for, how artists and art organisers can effectively work for change.

In the development of Artists Make Change, a-n Artists Council members Rachel Dobbs and Glen Stoker approached Ellie Harrison and Dave Beech to write about how, when, where and why Artists Make Change from two different perspectives – one practical and one theoretical. These scene-setting texts act as a starting point for this year-long project.

Ellie Harrison
a-n Artists Council
18 May 2020
Ellie Harrison Artist as Active Citizen

Photo: Michael F Hiatt