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Research Working practice

Structurally F–cked

An inquiry into artists’ pay and conditions in the public sector in response to the Artist Leaks data.

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Research Creative Industries

The art of living dangerously

Provocation urging all those working with arts and culture to rethink their contribution to a vision of sustainable development that benefits the whole of society.

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Research Cultural value

A guide to research into fees and payments to artists

Susan Jones introduces a collation of key documents and evidence that informed a-n’s publication of fees and payments guidance and good practice documents in 2003-04. The report aims to widen understanding of the history of, and prior good practice thinking around, payment to artists.

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Research Working practice

Artists’ work in 2011

Part of an annual series of papers analysing data about artists’ employment opportunities, patterns and incomes. Narrative compares between years and tracks changes from previous years.

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