Demonstrates impacts through case studies of eleven festivals. Found that: 1) total income of 11 festivals was almost £1million. 2) 40% of income generated was earned through ticket sales. 3) total spent was £990,000 contributing a further £570,000 to the East Midland’s economy. 3) artists’ fees were the largest expense at 50%, with considerable new work opportunities created for local artists. 4) £7 million spent by audiences at local shops and other businesses in the festivals’ host areas. Economic impact of this spending generated a further £4 million to the region. 5) 33% of local businesses thought festivals brought new business. 6) 93% of businesses saw festivals as good for local communities. 84% thought they made a good contribution to the development of tourism.

De Montford University
Arts Council England
East Midlands Development Agency
December 2004
The economic and social impact of cultural festivals in the East Midlands of England