Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium was established in 2007 and received over £1.34m from ACE to run an arts research and intervention programme within the city, focusing on North Liverpool. The aims of the programme were to strengthen the capacity of the cultural sector in Liverpool and to test a new model for embedding the arts and cultural sectors in the processes of social and economic renewal. Concludes that the programme supported the development of a strategic profile and voice for culture and the strengthening of the relationships and influence with non-cultural strategic partners; has enabled the building of a credible evidence base about the scope and impact of cultural activity within the City; artistic and cultural activity has become an acknowledged, and sometimes key, driver in the business plans of strategic partners in health, education, transport and other non-arts areas. A great success story and includes a “succession plan” for sustainability of achievements post-project funding.

Contributor / publisher:
Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium
October 2013

Thrive programme – final report