Nottingham Contemporary
East Midlands
  • Marcus Clarke is a Nottingham Native who also lives in the City. He went to Mansfield College of Art and is a regular exhibiting visual artist (marcusclarkeart website and youtube channel) as well as a longstanding fan of Grace Jones. His Mum Peggy is a self taught water colourist and oil painter also living in Nottingham City. She had hardly heard of Grace Jones. They visited the exhibition together on its opening day, Saturday 26th September 2020. The video best explains the shared experience. Marcus Clarke also comments: The impact Grace Jones’s album, Island Life had on me around 1980 when the former manager of Osibisa (always a Woyaya fan) introduced it to me while I was working as a sound man in the Channel Islands, I didn’t think could ever be repeated but upon returning from a trip to NYC in 1982 I was shown this video by a friend. Grace Jones – A One Man Show. The visual impact, originality and pure imagination of it amazed me. It reminded me of why I had wanted to be an Artist in the first place, a sound man even and what had always fascinated me about Theatre and drawn me to it. I was then working for Andrew LLoyd Webber on the West End Theatre Production of Song and Dance. I programmed, code wrote, show ran and looked after the Apple II controlled projected photo slide images of NYC that Designer David Hersey had employed as a scenery backdrop to the stage setting of Tell me on a Sunday, part 1. So many things came together for me as a Visual Artist and Filmmaker in experiencing this video, this masterpiece that I am forever grateful to all involved in making it. Its partly why I do what I do and why I want to share it. Enjoy. See the video here