Nottingham Contemporary
East Midlands

Went to this opening last night. What seems initially like an overblown Primary School project given too much money develops as you go through the Galleries reading the chronology into an interesting story peppered with Relics as Art. Creating modern day Relics is part of my own marcusclarkeart arts practice as are textiles. And I create a new Men’s Jacket for each of my own art exhibition which, with the Silver City in question being hometown Nottingham, meant there was lots to engage me at least. The New Religion ideas combined with Craft revival avoided being Dan Brown and deserve further exploration as do the many films on display but as an initial visit it was interesting and the Gallery Attendant and Bar Staff friendly and informing. I’ll gradually go back and dig deeper. A luxury a local resident can afford. I don’t know yet if this is great international art or if many local artists got any work, commissions, cash out of it, which would be nice but the focus on our City told in Story fashion could be very engaging if the explanation is pitched and disseminated well with perhaps a Primary School project interlinked. #nottingham #contemporary #art #review  #relic #silvercity #silver #city #exhibition #artist #local #mountain #man #mountainman