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Saying No.

 AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I like to think I’m a nice person. I like to think I’m generous with my time and my work. I like to think I am not pompous, or “up myself” or mean. but… Sometimes […]

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  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I’ve been thinking about the educational contexts I find myself in… have found myself in… and how my work is influenced by my life in education…   My own early education wasn’t that unusual […]

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WitCH the show!

WitCH is a feminist through and through, how will my art and my curating develop exploring this outsider stereotype?

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So here I am, feeling completely and utterly lousy. The result, I suspect, of yesterday’s fishcakes and salad. It is 3:25pm and I’m only just able to drag myself from my bed, to the shower, to the armchair, thoroughly exhausted. […]

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