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We “heart” Arts Council England

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here ….in another world….   I’ve been working on an Arts Council application supporting a friend in her quest to fund an amazing music project for young people with visual impairments. It is a stonker, […]

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Let Creativity be a Force for Good

Our world seems to be full of hatred and misunderstanding; full of murder and atrocities.  Last week a lot of time was given to the ‘Holocaust’. I would like to pause for thought for those victims, but also for all […]

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Persuasive applications

Are you thinking of applying for a grant or award? Over £2.3m was openly offered in these categories through a-n’s Jobs and opportunities last year. As it’s a highly competitive activity, we’ve compiled this guide to making applications, including some ‘top tips’ from a range of experienced artists, curators, and arts professionals…

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Going for grants

Applying for funding? Ever wondered how the experts do it? Rosemary Shirley asked a range of experienced artists, curators and arts professionals to share their top tips for successful funding applications.

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