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Blogger Q&A: Trevor H. Smith, walking with other artists

Trevor H. Smith’s project, ‘Walks With Other Artists’, is fuelled by a desire to share experience and excavate self identity. Through walking and conversations recorded in audio form the artist is realising a simpler, less conceptual approach to making accessible work. Richard Taylor finds out more.

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Walks with Other Artists

Summer 2018 I walked the 268-mile Pennine Way as Unsolicited Artist in Residence. This series of walks forms the research stage of my new project, ‘Horizons Are Important’. I want to connect with other artists and learn about their practice while making new work in the process.

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26.01.15 Art and Text

Today I started my research. I have started with Art and Text which starts with 3 academic essays and takes you through the types of text art. ┬áThis will give me a far greater understanding of the historical context of […]

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