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A work in progress #wip

I am currently working on this new piece so far it’s taken 3/4 days to get this far, I am happy with how it is progressing, it is definitely a creative flow that I’m experiencing, I am just going with […]

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Augusta Savage

  October/November 2015… To begin my dissertation, I researched Augusta to express her depiction of race and identity. image: ‘Realization, 1938’. Scale, Unknown, clay/plaster Empowerment. The Harlem Renaissance 1918-1937 promoted civil rights for the African-American cultural identity, it was a movement […]

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Perception, UCS, fine art
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Perception Series by Loleithaart

I am a third-year undergraduate student currently studying at UCS. Perception Series:
While working on my dissertation, with the focus on Augusta Savage & Kara Walker’s artwork. I work with the same focus on Identity, perceptions, and the representation of these subjects.

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