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    Jeannie Avent Gallery
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    January 23, 2020
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    February 04, 2020
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As I haven’t blogged regularly on a-n for ages perhaps an overall introduction to The Lost Library is in order? The Lost Library is a performance in which I change the experience of joining a library into a silent enrolment […]

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Where’s The Lost Library now?

Later this week I’ll be appearing at SpringBoard – an event run by MainSpring Arts near Brixton in London – an evening of neurodivergent performances. I’m preparing the kit and my costume in readiness.  I’m collecting resonant, exciting or important […]

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Stephen Barry (Deceased)

A great artist friend of mine died recently. I want to share some work from his last exhibition.

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The object

“we can say that the ordinary object that escapes conscious notice, although we use it every day, captures our attention in the context of the museum and acquires new meaning” (Groys,1994,82) Writing my dissertation and I come across this quote. […]

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It’s been a patchy week in terms of making time for my own work; business appointments and writing applications to register our company, parenting and the day job. I feel unsettled and uneasy; I need the mental downtime that writing […]

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