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“They looked like silver birds…”

Here is a drawing I worked on in 2011-2012.  It will be on show, for just a few hours in a Church in Folkestone on Thursday afternoon. Thursday will be the 100th anniversary of ‘The Great Folkestone Air Raid’ of […]

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Abandoned drawing

This is a small, metalpoint-on-gesso, drawing of a tiny photograph I found in a second hand shop in Margate.  The photograph, which has ‘Neujahr 1940’ written on the back of it, is about 6cm x 9cm and my drawing is […]

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Margate drawing (work in progress)

Here’s a picture of a couple of recent drawings.  They are done in metalpoint and they are about the size of small postcards.  They’re part of an ongoing project to do with postcards that have something to do with Margate. […]

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