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Shape Open 2019: Submissions Open

Submit your work for consideration of exhibiting at the Shape Open 2019. This years theme is ‘In Circles’.

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Arts Council England diversity chief says organisation not yet an “effective ally” for disabled people

In Brief: news briefing featuring national and international stories including: Steven Parissien to step down as director of Compton Verney Art Gallery; Scientists explain clouds in Edvard Munch’s The Scream as unusual meteorological condition; Cleveland College of Art and Design becomes The Northern School of Art; The Brooklyn Historical Society remembers 9/11 with an artist’s live-stream of the attack.

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In Brief: Birmingham to host disabled-led arts festival; Shenzhen Biennale curator fired over sexual misconduct allegations

News briefing with national and international stories, including: Sonia Boyce speaks out about Hylas and the Nymphs controversy ahead of Manchester Art Gallery retrospective; Nesta recommends arts organisations should create a ‘culture of digital experimentation’; London-based arts and textile tutor named ‘world’s best teacher’.

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A Q&A with… Aidan Moesby, artist exploring weather and wellbeing

Aidan Moesby has just finished a tour of festivals in the north of England, using his new weather-based installations to test responses, locations and situations for visual arts in festival contexts. Trish Wheatley talks to the artist about this work and how it sits with his practice.

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Resource Guide

Disability arts as practice

Colin Hambrook provides an introduction to the history of, and current practices in the field of disability arts, including an overview of key organisations that support disabled visual artists.

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Blog Post

Curator versus Producer

After I had presented at the Southbank Festival I headed up to Glasgow to speak there about my increasingly digital practice and the Unfixed Residency. I had a few moments to reflect and wrote this for kimaskswhat.online. There is a […]

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Pictures of… craft from an outsider’s perspective

Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making is a new touring exhibition that presents works by renowned outsider artists alongside those of self-taught artists who face barriers to the art world because of health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.

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