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Plas Bodfa, The Manor House

On my first visit to Plas Bodfa, my father insisted on giving me a lift, he wanted to go to Llangoed and see the village and the manor house too. As we drove up to the house, he pointed out […]

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First Trip to Llangoed

My first trip to explore Plas Bodfa, started when I got off the train at Bangor Station and cycled on Judy across the Menai Bridge, treated myself to a sandwich from the supermarket and sat under the bridge to eat.  […]

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Bodfa Continuum

My research and response to Plas Bodfa, Anglesey, exploring the techniques of Victorian Cross Stitch. Part of the Plas Bodfa History Project. I am one of the artists selected to create work for the upcoming exhibition at the house.

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Still Life: Caroline Wendling at Kettle’s Yard

‘I search always for this stillness, which penetrates our fullest activity and even our sleep’ [Jim Ede] The absence of a visible kitchen at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge is a startling omission in a house which is otherwise convincingly domestic: […]

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    Jeannie Avent Gallery
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    January 23, 2020
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    February 04, 2020
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Alas! After 20 years of living in “paradise” my landlady died and I had to move. The chocolate-box cottage backing onto a nature reserve gave me all I needed: studio, office, venue, group meeting areas, family accommodation, a spare room […]

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a collaboration

We’ve been in our selected home country Austria exactly four month now. A routine is creeping in, my urge to settle everybody in is slowing down, bureaucracy is getting less, my watching eye on the family members to see how […]

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Fine line between art and life

After working at home taking photographs and separating stuff into piles for a few weeks I lost perspective, questioning what it is I’m actually doing. Am I just getting ready to move to a different country or am I working […]

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Drawing conversations

After a series of conversations with the architect and the council I decided to translate those exchanges into drawings to internalise them, digest them and make sense of them. We are talking about boundaries, moving them or not, sizes, distances, […]

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Space/House – Place/Home

I’m thinking about the transition from a house to a home which is very closely related to the transition from space to place. I can see four main strands that make a or better will make our house (once it […]

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