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A letter to Harold Speed

Dear Harold, In early 2018 I took the decision to begin painting with oils. I had spent the previous five years painting with acrylics: I’m not saying for a second that I think I had mastered the medium, far from […]

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Untitled blog post from "The Cultural Tourist"

The following pieces are a continuation of my exploration of using mixed media and photography whilst concentrating on transitory moments of urban existence. In my head, they are a kind of utterance of modern impression – capturing a moment of […]

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So, what is Impressionism?

A friend linked my recent series of photos to Impressionism. So, what is Impressionism? Impressionistic list:  ‘An art of immediacy and movement’ (1) Capturing the ‘sensory effects of a scene’ (2) The impressions objects make ‘in a fleeting instant’ (3)- […]

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