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Simon Lee Dicker: Silent Swim School (sssh…)

It was an unseasonably hot day in the verdant grounds of the Dartington estate. Bathed in the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy, a group of artists and curators headed towards the river Dart.   Image by Hannah Cochrane   […]

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More mince, less sausage: making art that doesn’t look like art

At the recent Jamboree 2018 event on the Dartington Estate in Devon, the London-based German artist Rosalie Schweiker presented an improvised slide show about the difference between being a conventional ‘sausage’ artist and a hard to pigeonhole ‘mince’ artist. Here she turns that talk into a short explanation of her thinking – with added drawings of sausages, mince, and mince-based products.

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Seven things that Jamboree 2018 taught us, including the difference between ‘Mince’ and ‘Sausage’ artists

Taking place on the idyllic Dartington Estate in Devon the a-n-supported Jamboree 2018 brought together 150 artists, curators and programmers from across the UK for lively discussion and the exchange of ideas. Hannah Pierce, a-n’s external programmes and partnerships manager, shares the key things she learnt from the event’s four days.

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