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Slightly out of sorts

The August joint drawing session didn’t happen partly due to timetable pressure but also, with Greg unable to make it as he is so busy, I wasn’t feeling too great, though Joanna and I did make it to the park […]

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Decorative turn?

Well, stuck at home mainly, avoiding infection with treatment delayed for a bit due to low white blood cell count, I have carried on working with traces: marks made while working on another piece. So one piece literally generates the […]

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First teaser: The art and craft of gardening

So, I’ve managed to edit a first teaserĀ (on vimeo) called The art and craft of gardening after the book of the same title by Thomas Mawson. This is a non-chemo week so I am relatively full of energy and feeling […]

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installation of falling autumn leaves
Event Exhibition


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  • Venue:
    Dyffryn Gardens
  • From:
    December 21, 2016
  • To:
    September 30, 2017
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Day 6 – Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Residency

After finishing my book yesterday, I was left with lots of different ideas for how to start testing and playing. I wanted to carry on with the mini-projects I had begun to set myself (I like good project), they were […]

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