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Opportunity sharing and Networks

I’d be grateful for your views on the best networks (beyond A-N) for sharing opportunities such as competitions, or for connecting with creators who work in: – photography; – digital media, still and moving image; – painting. Any ideas gratefully […]

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How To Do Proper Networking

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here Networking Events are bloody hard work if you ask me. I’ve been to a few, wandering about with a weirdly flavoured crisp in my hand and a glass of warm white vinegar… or perhaps a […]

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Cause and Effect

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here People have said to me “I don’t know how you get time to blog when you are so busy!” Other bloggers have said to me that when they are busy they have no time […]

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reflection #4

today is the day …. sadly not for bears and picnics but for me to count up all the opportunities that i made contact with.  i set myself the goal of applying to 12 and imaginatively used this in the title […]

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