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    J/M Gallery
  • From:
    March 02, 2022
  • To:
    March 06, 2022
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It’s the start of a new year and the start of new art work. Currently I am visiting my repository of photographs and cropping these in different ways – fragments of fragments in a sense and seeing how I alternatively […]

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Final photography for the exhibition

After reconsidering using my original pictures, I have decided to give my idea another/new chance using a digital camera. After getting really comfortable with my smartphone, I wanted to get used to another medium with which I could work + […]

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A new old direction?

Being asked to send a list of available works to Uppsala city’s public art department has reminded me that I need to re-think how I make things.  Looking at my work I see that it functions as temporary installation – […]

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The ground I stand on

The ground rolls. Whether I am looking, perusing, or simply standing, feeling the solidity under me, it nevertheless possesses, embarks and gives a slow almost indiscernible rumble. I am always humbled by the fact that it goes further and further […]

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