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Let it go!

I am carrying on making art using primarily 2 different processes. The first is using my usual photo montage technique, but then ripping the image up, collaging it on to a surface and then painting within it. The second way […]

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The spoken and written representation of a practice

The project also included mentoring with an arts professional whom I had in-depth discussions about my practice, projects, perspective, representation and goals. We refined the language I use to express my concepts and narrative; together we worked on my artist statement and […]

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Event Exhibition


  • Last chance
  • Venue:
    Sluice HQ
  • From:
    November 08, 2018
  • To:
    November 18, 2018
  • Location:
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Job Exhibiting

thismustbe_ Open Call: Photography

A creative platform looking to engage with current and inventive photographic projects, through a series of exhibitions and collaborative work.

The exhibition will be on the 14th-18th January at Grosvenor Gallery in Manchester, UK

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Footage and editing

My project included a short course in editing which I undertook at UAL. I’ve been recording videos, mainly on my iPhone for a few years, and I felt it was time to learn a new skill to evolve my work through experimenting with […]

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Working with moving image

Started my project with looking back footages I took as well as researching what other artists have made in the medium of film. I came across Allora & Calzadilla’s work at their exhibition ‘Foreign in a Domestic Sense’ at Lisson […]

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Day 5 on site 20/09/18

On site today involved a discussion with staff about the brick building that appears boarded up. It’s currently used as storage but apparently was the recycling centre when the site was next to the municipal tip. The site manager found […]

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Darren Cullen, Mini Daily Mail. Photo: via Darren Cullen's Kickstarter (
News News story

Artist’s Daily Mail parody is a crowdfunding success; Turner Contemporary endorses plans for on-site hostel

In Brief: news briefing featuring national and international stories including: Canadian artist writes open letter in response to censorship of transgender themed work; celebrity secret postcard art sale for Dulwich school; Statue of suffragette Emily Davison unveiled in Morpeth; Tate Modern appoints new senior curator for photographic art.

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My interest in exposing the invisible structures of objects results in works that show an everyday object in a less familiar way. As I illuminate an object with light a visual change occurs which either makes the physical properties of the object appear as a different medium […]

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Mundane 02 RitaParniczky 2017
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Structure in move

I observe light and structure, and the relationship between the two. In sculpture, photography and installation I explore the way the sun and artificial light transform an object in a visual way, exposing structural details of everyday objects and materials. Working […]

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Top Tips

This is a list of small changes I did while I was researching this process and that had a big impact on my research. Cut the leaf from the plant only when you are about to expose it to sunlight. This is […]

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Scything competition. Photo: S Damant
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Blogger Q&A: Jeremy Hastings, peripatetic artist

From community projects to land work, Jeremy Hastings has used his many travels and itinerant lifestyle to share skills and learn from landscapes to create painting and photography. Richard Taylor finds out more.

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Collecting observations

Last month, I had just started working on a new series of works – playing with painting, photography and mixed-media on all sides of 7 wood blocks that I found outside of my studio.I have just recently put these to […]

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What didn’t work. 3 important advices

This blog post is an archive of things that didn’t work. Realising the 3 facts described below had a very strong impact in my research. I hope you enjoy my archive of failures and that it saves you some time […]

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