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Black Jeans by Pasha This is my latest track. I am working on a series of experimental compositions fusing traditional and classical instruments with experimental processes.

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Street 2 scale, Plymouth & Street Art

Once again I’ve been successful in getting a S2S pack to make moves putting an idea into action here in Plymouth! Here’s the Idea.. Amongst me and my fellow creative’s we have been chattering about ways that we can explode […]

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Extraction series

Extraction series, the clues in the title & the visual similarity with the Fissures may give away what images were subjected to the extraction process – everything was complex colour, I wanted something simpler & within regards to our Multiverse […]

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Fissure Series

The Fissure series has been my continuation of visually representing our Multiversal reality, firstly through the slowing down of time that allows photons to be digitally captured in a way that shows layering. Then that image is repeated, reflected & […]

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Chapter 4: Parenthood is child’s play

Chapter 4: Parenthood is child’s play “We grow out of childhood and leave behind “childish things”. We feel that we shouldn’t act this way anymore, and get a sort of wilful amnesia for pure play experiences.” Page 78 I don’t feel […]

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