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Art of Place and Displacement

An exploration through paintings, sculptures, photographs, essays and poetry of the power of place, and the trauma of displacement.

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A Q&A with… Layla Curtis, artist and explorer of places

With support from a-n, the London-based artist has launched an online store offering high quality, affordable, limited edition works and publications by artists dedicated to exploring place. Jack Hutchinson talks to her about online sales and research beyond the art world.

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Brisons Veor

Some thoughts after a wonderful week in Cornwall The experience of living at the very edge of the British Isles – Cape Cornwall has helped to bring together several threads of enquiry, which have been bouncing around in my mind, […]

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Trying to focus my work into a sensible, acceptable, believable, academic Research Question on which to hang my current art practice, is an ongoing and largely frustrating task. I’ve dithered about with Landscape, Sense of Place, Time, space and movement, […]

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Joan Eardley Exhibition

Yesterday I flew to Edinburgh especially to visit this Exhibition. I was not disappointed. She’s long been one of my favourite artists and to see so many of her paintings plus letters, photographs and newspaper articles about her life was […]

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Meeting Artists on North Uist

“Looking back on my time on North Uist it is difficult to describe the quality of the air, the views, the colours, the intensity of atmosphere which fascinated me so. It is a bit like having the insides of your […]

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