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Rosalie Schweiker at  ‘Art is not a Commodity: Examining Economic Exceptionalism in Art’, ICA, London, 18 February 2017. Photo: Marysia Lewandowska. CC by 4.0
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No more fake orgasms: stop boosting the art world’s self-esteem

At the recent symposium, ‘Art is not a Commodity: Examining Economic Exceptionalism in Art’, Rosalie Schweiker argued that artists need to “stop faking orgasms” and instead start clearly vocalising their dissatisfaction with the art world. Here, we publish an edited version of her presentation.

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One Month in to the Project

One month into the project blog, I have been attempting to psychoanalyze myself. I thought my own psyche was as good a place as any to begin. I’m currently reading through the book ‘Man and his Symbols’ witch was the […]

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Early photographic work, on topic.
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The Absurdity of Sex and the Unconscious Mind

Analyzing myself through my own sexual attraction to others. Attempting to ascertain the difference between human, social and animal attraction…hopefully identified the absurdity of ‘hardwired’ but no longer relevant attractions.

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Sex and Karaoke

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here Another studio session… doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? A bar has opened at the other end of Birdcage Walk. It is very busy, good for them! Although I am rather disturbed by the […]

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