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The Museum

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here It was Sonia’s idea, and as I write that, it sounds accusatory “She did it, not me!” I wish it had been my idea. But if it had, it would be a different thing… I […]

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Garments are People

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here As my Mum would have said, “There’s no side to Sonia Boué” This is very true. Sonia is easy company. Words are thoughtful, carefully used. Sometimes slow and deliberate and serious, sometimes fast and animated […]

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A Prompt and a Response

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here For the first time in ages, I’ve been feeling a bit of a stall in the way I write about my work. I have the work in my head, and in my sketchbook, but […]

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My grandmother's handbag.
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Barcelona in a Bag

An exploration of the second generation post memory experience of exile following the Spanish Civil War through object art, performance and installations. I blog about my research, the process and the finished pieces as they emerge.

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