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Hyacinth continued

Drawings in pen, charcoal, crayon, then the second-to-last one is acrylic on canvas and the last one is middle stage oil over the acrylic. After restarting oil I find I need to brush up on the technical skills of painting […]

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Small objects

I am carrying on with my studio still-life studies. Originally I was going to take a no frills approach and keep it pure and simple. However as I look and as I work, I find it impossible to do so. […]

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Studio still life

My latest series of work is focusing on interiors and objects – specifically my studio and my home. So far I have been looking at my studio but to be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m doing. I’ve been […]

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Goldenhar Syndrome

A series of studio images showing my audience how my medical condition, Goldenhar Syndrome, has affected me. The series consists of portrait and still life images.

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