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Progress is slow but I have been carrying on in my little studio playing with watercolour. I am deliberately not looking at tutorials in how to use watercolour paint as I am interested in finding out what I can do with it. It feels right to be playing with this medium as my interest in the fragment, the transitory, interconnectedness and transformation lends itself to this material. Initially I have been working quite small and on paper but I have decided to try working on large canvas which I have prepared with an absorbent ground specifically designed for the use of watercolour.

My subject matter is very ordinary; so far a potted plant sitting in an abstracted interior environment. I want to try to convey the idea of something not settled, but changeable and malleable in space.

The painting shown is unfinished. It’s quite a large artwork (121 x 91 cm) and I want to loosen it up more but need to disconnect from it for a few days before I try again. The other painting I show here is very small (21 x 14.5 cm) and is an imagined (rather hallucinatory) view from a window of a balcony and a tree.