Sometimes, (in fact very often), it is not the large and spectacular that grabs my attention but the small and insignificant. I had been suffering from a particularly nasty virus for over 6 weeks and as a consequence there was not a lot I could face doing art-wise. The thought of working on anything too big and complex combined with the wonderful but often too complicated life we can all lead was just too much for my addled brain and consequently made me withdraw considerably for a bit.

The art that I have been working has been very small, and more expressions of solace and quiet pleasure. Shadows through a window, wildflowers growing in urban areas, reflections in the river, a pot plant as a still life – these are the things that take me away and give me pause for thought.

Using existing photographs of mine, I concentrated on playing digitally with the small and intimate images, then transferred these onto small primed boards and began painting within them – small meditations on the ordinary and magic in their own little way. I have some way to go to complete these – I have only painted within the wildflower images so far, but look forward to doing more soon.