I am carrying on making art using primarily 2 different processes. The first is using my usual photo montage technique, but then ripping the image up, collaging it on to a surface and then painting within it. The second way is pure painting, using thin layers of acrylic paint, followed by oil paint, then playing within the dynamics and images I see and imagine within these layers.

I have 2 large blank canvases sitting against a wall, waiting to be worked upon. I am undecided as to what technique I should apply to each of these and am wondering whether I should simply just do one of each. My experiments have been confined to quite small pieces and I am relatively happy with both lots of results. No doubt switching to a much larger scale will bring its own set of issues. Also I have to bear in mind, that normally it is entirely appropriate that my work is small scale. The subject matter is the ordinary, the mundane, and the overlooked. But do I take my subject matter to a larger scale? ‘I am not sure this will even work?

Scale can say a lot about a piece. I am fairly sure that the insignificance of my original image will be lost, but so what! It may make for an interesting dynamic. Process will dominate and lead the way I suspect so the piece will become a transformative exercise. Let it go, I say!