Oh dear. I still haven’t managed to include all the bits I have wanted to in my latest series of collages and painting. I have been easily distracted lately. This includes illness, my work in a theatre and the stress of having mice in the house (which I am ashamed to say I am ridiculously affected by). Anyway, these all contribute to the interruptions that affect my art work and perhaps that’s the theme for today’s blog post.

I have continued working on my series of small works involving people and pattern and have been trying to merge to some extent both the pattern and the images of the people. These are very much experimentations with varied levels of success. It often doesn’t feel like a merging but more a disruption of sorts. Is it that the collage of the person interrupts the pattern or the pattern on the surface cuts across the person? Is there perhaps an equal tension between the paint and the collage or maybe because a person is involved, it automatically triggers a recognition within myself that I cannot undo and detach myself from. There I am trying to disintegrate the idea of a person within the pattern, trying to get this idea of how we as humans are just part of an overall pattern but I find there is a natural resistance that I cannot ignore. I have managed to produce one piece of work which includes foliage and architecture as well and I am happier with this one, so I shall (hopefully) forge ahead and try to do more work like this and see how it goes.