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Pythagoras, Plumbs, Postcrete and Post-Nominals

I am now officially a “Chartered Engineer”. As somebody who has a strong interest in ritual I was rather disappointed that absolutely no ritual accompanied this change in social status. Except that I now have a certificate to hang on […]

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Chartered Engineer

In my view, some form of engineering lies behind almost all works of art, even if it’s just the question of the best way to hang objects in a gallery. One of my favourite books is “Engineers of the Imagination” […]

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Certificate of Chartered Engineer
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8 years ago my life crashed. I’ve been rebooting ever since. Just about coming on line again now, logging in, ready to get to work.

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The beginning of something or nothing

  These works explore form and shape in an open space; I come across a shape or an idea in my mind and find the material that can achieve it’s quality and vision. I’m curious in how materials can be […]

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