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It might be very chilly out there but I have been wonderfully ensconced in my little studio quite a bit. I have managed to fracture my toe quite badly which meant my plans to work at the theatre over December and early January all fell by the wayside due to lack of mobility. However, I can make art and this has led to a new development of work and ideas.

I have always had a fascination with courtyards and for years have been inspired by the courtyard scenes in the film ‘The Scent of Green Papaya’. I like the idea of a space that operates as both an interior and exterior, where it is private, enclosed and has multiple purposes. This could be a place to potentially dine, read, rest, work and also be a garden and a structure at the same time as well as a home and visiting space for different kinds of wildlife.

I have been playing with watercolours, pen and ink and have started creating imaginary courtyards. Sometimes I might introduce an insect or another aspect into the scene to emulate the thoughts and imaginings that float across my consciousness.