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Self Assement Tax Returns – The black shadow by my side.

  Hello A.N Community. I have been looking around the internet for some help with self-assessments and tax returns for creatives. In this day and age, I find myself transitioning from creating work to sell, working on commissions, running workshops, […]

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Tax return, outgoings, advice needed!

I started trading this summer, although my business is still in its early days. But I spent a lot on materials in the previous year, the year for which I’ll now be submitting a tax return. (I was doing some […]

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art Arts Council grants taxable?

I was lucky enough to be offered a £3000 research and development grant from Arts Council of Wales – when I mentioned it to my accountant saying ‘Oh grants aren’t taxable’ he replied no, most grants ARE taxable, but not […]

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