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Disability arts as practice

Colin Hambrook provides an introduction to the history of, and current practices in the field of disability arts, including an overview of key organisations that support disabled visual artists.

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Arts Council England diversity chief says organisation not yet an “effective ally” for disabled people

In Brief: news briefing featuring national and international stories including: Steven Parissien to step down as director of Compton Verney Art Gallery; Scientists explain clouds in Edvard Munch’s The Scream as unusual meteorological condition; Cleveland College of Art and Design becomes The Northern School of Art; The Brooklyn Historical Society remembers 9/11 with an artist’s live-stream of the attack.

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Mind Wandering: Best Friend or Worst Enemy? An art-science inquiry

This post is about an interdisciplinary event held last October at the Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry, KCL. It enacts and is part of #MagicCarpet, an Unlimited Commission funded by ACE, and aims to irritate prescribed notions of (an)normality and wellbeing.

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