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Happy New Year!

December has been rather taken up by travel, family visits  and Christmassy things, hence a bit quiet on the blog front…  Well, nothing like another event  to get me to focus again on Tangled Yarns! I’ll be giving an artist talk at […]

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Talking Tangled Yarns

After the opening of Tangled Yarns, a lot of my friends and artist colleagues  were asking: Are you enjoying all this free time that you have now?  Are you taking a holiday? – Well, not quite. November was packed with […]

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Tangled Yarns

Sharing thoughts and research related to ‘Tangled Yarns’, an Arts Council England – supported solo exhibition exploring the politics of the global textile industry through time. ‘Tangled Yarns’ launched at William Morris Gallery and then toured to Cromford Mills.

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