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About Legal stuff

Terms of use

Legal agreement for all site users.

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About Insurance For Arts organisers

Creative freelance insurance

Professional indemnity insurance and Public and product liability cover for a-n Arts organiser members from £110.20.

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About Insurance For artists

One-off exhibition policy

For a-n Artist members who want to take out one-off insurance cover for artwork whilst in transit to/from and whilst on display at an exhibition.

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About Insurance For artists

Artists’ Insurance Policy (AIP)

For a-n Artist members wishing to buy additional insurance such as for artwork and materials, studio and contents, and employers’ liability.

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About Legal stuff

Payment policy

Sets out how a-n The Artists Information Company ensures proper and fair payment both within the company and across its programmes and operations.

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About User support

Managing your account

Video guide on how to manage your account on www.a-n.co.uk. Includes login and what to do if you’ve lost your password, contact details, membership, profile and e-alerts management and viewing your PPL insurance documents.

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Screengrab of Events on a-n.co.uk
About User support

Using Events

Video guide on how to use the events tool for members on www.a-n.co.uk

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About Legal stuff

Refund policy

Our refund policy for membership purchases.

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About Legal stuff

Community guidelines

Guidelines for participation in the community on www.a-n.co.uk.

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Wendy William's Keeping it Going blog
About User support

Using Blogs

Video guide on how to use the blogging tool for members on a-n.co.uk

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About User support

Using Reviews

Video guide on how to use the review tool for members on www.a-n.co.uk

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