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About Insurance

PPL and PI Insurance Key Facts

Key Facts about the Public & Products Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance that comes with Artist membership of a-n.

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About Insurance


Working with specialist brokers Hencilla Canworth, a-n has developed a range of insurances including professional indemnity and public liability for Artist and Arts organiser members based in UK.

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About Insurance For artists

One-off exhibition policy

For a-n Artist members who want to take out one-off insurance cover for artwork whilst in transit to/from and whilst on display at an exhibition.

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About Insurance For artists

Artists’ Insurance Policy (AIP)

For a-n Artist members wishing to buy additional insurance such as for artwork and materials, studio and contents, and employers’ liability.

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About Insurance For Arts organisers

Creative freelance insurance

Professional indemnity insurance and Public and product liability cover for a-n Arts organiser members for £94.50.

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