Within the overall sample, 63% of artists responding held a BA and 31% an MA, whilst 3% held a PhD.

Amongst emerging artists, 68% held a BA and 27% an MA and, already, 3% held a PhD. For mid-career artists, 62% had BA and 37% an MA. For established artists whilst only 50% had a BA, 30% had gained an MA. Within established artists, 18% had other qualifications including in other arts and humanities subjects and teaching.

The Artists Employment Status survey conducted in August 2009 forms part of AIR’s research strand that seeks to inform arts, education and economic policies by providing pertinent evidence about visual artists that is otherwise not being collected or not known about.

The employment status data has already been provided to Arts Council England to the visual arts strategy network Turning Point and to VAGA’s seminar Making the case for the arts in September 2009.

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