40th Anniversary News

40 years of supporting artists

Our 40th Anniversary programme includes a new series of Artists Newsletter publications and interviews with leading artists.

A Q+A with… Maria Hatling, a-n 40th Anniversary logo creator

We speak to Maria Hatling about what inspired her a-n at 40 logo design, her painting practice and what she’s been up during a tumultuous 2020.

40 Years 40 Artists

40 Years 40 Artists: the 1980s

Writer Louisa Buck introduces the first 10 conversations in our 40 Years 40 Artists series of interviews with artists who feature in a-n's archive.

40 Years 40 Artists: Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta discusses making work about the experiences of gay men in his hometown of Delhi and setting up Autograph in the 1980s.

40 Years 40 Artists: Lis Rhodes

Lis Rhodes reflects on her involvement in protests and strikes during the 1980s, and her co-founding of the feminist film and video network Circles.

40 Years 40 Artists: Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley recalls the “exciting rollercoaster” of making work in the 1980s and his admiration for a-n’s “modesty and pragmatism”.

40 Years 40 Artists: Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum discusses the ways in which her own work “became more confrontational” in the 1980s through live performance and direct street action.

40 Years 40 Artists: Anne Bean

Anne Bean recalls co-founding Bow Gamelan Ensemble and “resonant living and working situations” in 1980s Mexico and Poland.

40 Years 40 Artists: Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson considers his major sound and sculptural installation inside the Tyne Bridge and performing with Bow Gamelan Ensemble during the 1980s.

40 Years 40 Artists: Chila Kumari Singh Burman

Chila Kumari Singh Burman discusses the development of her work during the “highly experimental, politically charged time” of the 1980s.

40 Years 40 Artists: Magdalene Odundo

Magdalene Odundo remembers a-n’s role in “helping to dispel the distinction made between art and craft in the use of clay” during the 1980s.

40 Years 40 Artists: Keith Piper

Keith Piper, a founding member of the Blk Art Group and now a member of a-n’s Board, outlines the evolution of his practice during the 1980s.

40 Years 40 Artists: Brian Catling

Brian Catling reflects on his work in the 1980s and explains how he made his first performance piece at Whitechapel Gallery “by divine accident”.

40 Years 40 Artists: Jody Mulvey

2020 graduate Jody Mulvey discusses founding SADGRADS and her hopes for the future.

40 Years 40 Artists: Miya Browne

2020 graduate Miya Browne considers the role of art and the artist in the 21st century and outlines their vision for the future.

Artists Newsletter

Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s

In the first of a new series of publications celebrating the a-n archive, Black Hole Club unearth the past, probe the present, and look to the future.

From the a-n archive: Artists Newsletter, September 1980

The very first issue from September 1980 available on issuu and as pdf download.

From the a-n archive: Sunil Gupta, Autograph Photographers, December 1989

Sunil Gupta discusses the commercial photography library and agency set up by the recently founded Autograph: the Association of Black Photographers.

From the a-n archive: Mona Hatoum, May 1987

In May 1987, Mona Hatoum was our featured cover artist, pictured with Stefan Szczelkun’s during their performance Crosstalk.

From the a-n archive: Eddie Chambers, On Black Art, February 1985

From February 1985, Eddie Chambers challenges readers to ‘name ten contemporary artists who are Black’.

From the a-n archive: Brian Catling, The Henry Moore Fellow, April 1983

From April 1983, Brian Catling discusses his fellowship, hosted by Norwich School of Art.