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Siobhan and Elspeth listen to Ruth from Eastside Projects discuss the structure of the organisation (we don’t have hugely clearly defined roles) With semi-skimmed milk, hit biscuits, small succulent plant,teaspoons, pantone notebook and posters to learn from and think about.


Rhubaba research trip to:
Newbridge Project, Newcastle
Eastside Project, Birmingham
Grand-Union, Birmingham
Serf, Leeds



Washington Services
Costa Heavy


Eastside Projects
Q: Why can artists not lead/run an institution?
A: They can.


We pay artists but it’s not enough.
Artists never get paid enough.




Rhubaba committee discuss ideas for new policies with students from BOA, artists, academics art educators and other art workers.


‘I’m too rushed. Less writing. Slavery is still a thing. Art has powers. What I decide today may change tomorrow. Every mind matters. Art is just as difficult as maths. Desiring change is easier than change itself. I’m not a test case for your vanity. I tick no boxes. More glue sticks.’

T-Shirt slogans by art students of Birmingham Ormiston Academy


  • Teaching for people who prefer not to teach:


The Eagle and Tun, 54 New Canal St, Birmingham


After the event we dicuss our ideas for new educational policies including:
1. Introduction of a third compulsory stage of education for everyone aged between 40 & 45
2. Flexible start and finish times for all teenagers in compulsory & post-compulsory education (no more adhering to Victorian day-shift patterns)
3. Scotland (extended to north of England and MIdlands) clubbing together to send a group of infiltrators to Eton to overturn the establishment from within.


BIG BARGAINS – Grand-Union winter sale – with part of the roof of the former Birmingham City Library (Paradise Circus) Rhubaba admire the structure and insulation of the studio spaces but do not buy anything.


Grand Union
19 Minerva Works
Fazeley Street


Rhubaba visit, Serf, Leeds, to discuss the structure and running of the organisation (meeting held in communal workspace)


Serf: artist led community and project space
23—25 Wharf Street
Leeds, UK


Serf committee structure and roles



discussions lead to doing too much with too little, keeping warm, inclusive access to buildings, funding, alternative funding sources, recording useful information to pass on, doing (not) more of the same, managing dispute, public engagement, education