another qiuck one :) burned 54 dvds so far – another 16 to go today. annie's coming to help me finish screens and rob worley and dan barker of free form are coming in the evening to start fixing the projector mounts.
still not sure waht to do with the projectors – rob abd dan will bring their projectors and i'll pick up the rest of projectors till the end of the week… i'll try and find a secure place to leave them till monyday when all is going up.


just a quick one befote i shoot off to space studios to burn dvds for the installation.

i'm being more and more nervous about everything and my back is not helping either.

started fixing screens, stephen emmott, an old friend jumped in the last moment after another friend cancelled helping me with the screens. stephen was perfect person for the job – tall enough to staple curtains to ceiling with such ease… it was great. we fixed four screens in two hours – much faster than i first anticipated.

now, 70 dvd to burn – very slow process.

bought all the hooks and chains for the mounts, emailed all the invites… still need to pick up chains from cutting.

i can feel the preassure… breathe, just breathe.


on insurance

it is because i am going to borrow 10 projectors and dvd player and put them in artists' studios for a week and have a private view on 26th april, i decided i will insure the event – and guess what, i will have to pay for public liability and event property cover and still have to sleep in the building! because the insurance company is not covering in case of theft in unattended space… of course i dont have money to pay 24 hour security and all the equipment i got for free from various friends – i cannot live with the idea that something can get stolen while not insured – and still i have to stay in the building over night for a week, just because there is no other way for the time being…

on the bright side, eveything else is coming up really nicely: rob worley of free form is making sure i'll get the boards for the projector/dvd mounts. today i finished filming artists' eyes. windows are clean :) still have to buy hooks and chains for mounts. from sunday, i'm fixing screens. from wednesday, projector mounts… just sent short version of press release to several mailing lists and everybody seems to be very excited about the project :)


on washing windows

i developed a special technique for this task: soak and scrub :) and it is as hard as i thought it will be… i was washing windows today in alistair kendry's studio. because the windows are very big, some of the artists painted them over so the amout of light it not overwhelming… hard manual labour is sometimes quite interesting… it gave me space to think why do i wash windows on a building that is scehduled to be demolished in less than couple of months…

it is not my intention to make a sterile screen… but the paint that covered some of the windows was really in the way of creating two lines of projections. i'll leave the rest of the windows as they are… it is nice to see trace of artists existance in the building.

there's one more studio which windows are painted over… that's tomorrow and maybe one more afternoon…

in the meantime, i'm waiting for an insurance company to give me a quote. i'd like to insure all the projectors and dvd players… fingers crosse di'll be able to afford it.


email teaser is out: this week one opened eye, next week one closed eye, the week after that full invite and then a day before the private view a reminder… oh, have just heard some publications are going to write about the project – both online and in print. heavy fires of marketing, it's got to be done :)

fliming, more filming next week… have to be careful with light! the material i have filmed so far has different light from eye to eye… i'm not sure if this will prove to be problematic since the building has a streetlight right in front of the facade… which means a lot of uncontroalble light and low contrast as a result… hm. i think i dreamed last night about low lumens projectors… so much about hopes and fears for this project :)

now, quickly move to postcard design for open studio weekend 18th, 19th, 20th may – frixos and i gave it a name: OPEN END – in interactive narratives, there is an option of open end – an end that is not determined, that is not the end at all :) i like this word play, hopefully it will be welcomed by everybody involved in the open studios.