8am..midpoint brings invitations to listen, to attend, to show, to talk. All four ‘seams’ form part of a responsive map, however something else is tugging/pulling.

An urge to explore a new choreography for myself and my time here. A journey from delicate.

4pm..I start at the balcony, and then move to the winding stone stairs, a space I have used to move through, but not yet explore. Tumbling seems key, as if moved by wind, or air, and there I make a ‘shredded cloud’, and trail it up and down..casting and trawling, ‘like a fishing net’, someone says. The light continues to push and pull, a gesture that may relate to the order of remembering, ts fluidity, its abruptness, and its spaces translated into chance and choice.

(I think of types of wind and the surfaces they may disrupt).

8.30am..small performative acts are evolving as part of process here. Some have an almost archival feel, found, broken black. Today I chance upon threads..other slow walking, a citing of Agnes Martin writing about dust and light, an old film by Roni Horn.. some daily video postards, and ‘performance as process’.  It is this that  resonates strongly with me, and somehow newly frames my enquiry here so far. A line of chances and findings today.

And so all this stays with me as a continuing way of approaching and responding to this space. A breath in, a breath out. I think I will listen to this shift.



Invitation to talk..

Such stillness today, that I have to crack the air to make something happen..

I prepare and edit streams of images to project on a stone wall. An invitation to give a talk here, to a new audience. An opportunity to further connectivity and put ideas out to air..

But for today I arrange rows of chairs for a ghost audience and in the process, a screen becomes a chair, a chair becomes a screen.

I think about things that can happen on a chair.


An invitation to listen..

8 voices and a grand piano. I watch the piano’s breaks release and 2 men swiftly and incredibly ‘waltz’ it into the middle space. The image stays..

I listen to 4 pieces of music, and move around the church in the hope of catching the delayed sound at the end of each piece…a capturing game.

I leave silently whilst the singing continues.. and plan my return, to listen again. It may happen , the delay, the edge, the 3 second fracture of listening.