I ain’t no blogger it turns out. I do sketch and I scribble thoughts and this is what I wanted to transform into forms which I can not create by hand! I want to create casts within casts, writing within forms suspended and untouchable (technically a bouillon form).

Through my development bursary I wanted to develop skills in a suitable process, combining new technologies and traditional techniques, 3D printing and casting glass.
However, it also turns out I am not a natural at the technology side, it intrigues and baffles me! This will take some time to master.

Thanks to Balin Design, a trusted friend and master of CAD and 3D modelling I was able to begin my journey, learning the basics is one thing but my concepts and ideas for my pieces are beyond my abilities….at the moment!

Using sketch up pro, learning basic commands, making shapes, extruding, making groups, explode, select, rotate, create segments, sandbox, shell, smooth. All my notes are there…but will it still be in my head?

This is still the beginning of my development, the bursary scratched the surface of my training, thanks to the help of York College (where I previously studied) a conversation and possibility of skill sharing may be the next step to continue.