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The artist Matthew Krishanu recommended I meet with Caroline as he saw some correlation in our work, but also someone who could provide helpful professional advice. I had seen Caroline’s work at a number of exhibitions and was intrigued by the way she painted landscapes and interiors. I was also interested in how she got into shows and met curators who were interested in her work. At the time my solo exhibition was still up so I suggested meeting at a cafe first before heading over to the gallery.

At the cafe we spoke at length about what we had both achieved and the things that had brought us up to this point. I had just finished a year long residency at the Florence Trust, London and was showing the work I made at the exhibition. I spoke with Caroline about how I returned to London after studying in New York for two years. She asked about my experiences there and what contacts I managed to make. She said it was good that I kept in touch with my professors and friends but also suggested making a trip there to reconnect with people.

We talked about previous exhibitions and I explained I felt I didn’t make the most of my opportunities when I was younger. This lead us to talk about networking and the importance of not only meeting new people but keeping in touch with those you exhibit with. Caroline was very encouraging in her advice about approaching galleries I wanted to work with.

We also spoke about the use of social media, and how we were both using Instagram to promote our work online. She spotted some of my drawings that I recently posted and asked whether I ever show these alongside my paintings. I haven’t done so before but its something I’m now definitely considering at my next show.

It felt very motivating to speak with Caroline as she has a solid approach to making and showing her work. I really appreciated her openness and direct advice. I took away a lot from our conversation and have already planned a trip back to New York.