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Saturday 26 May
Have now got 4 fans to test my experiment, to keep my length of fabric horizontal, yet moving and causing a disruption. I spend much of the day seeing if I can improve the upward flow of air.

This evening we eat pizza in the garden, it is relaxing to eat outside and we move around from table to table, talking and eating. Our neighbours, whose many crude, rough cast concrete balconies I admire, make things with metal at the end of their garden. This garden is short and somehow high above ours and we can see the sparks fly from the open door of their welding workshop. Sometimes they sit outside on a floppy sofa, drinking beer and listening to heavy metal music or piano concertos.

Sunday 27 May
I walk alone to the old town with no real aim, it’s buzzing with families eating ice cream. I wonder aimlessly up the hill and then catch sight of a Bauhaus style house. I walk up the steps to take a closer look and take photos of the curving balconies, but then get caught up with the caretaker of the old church in front of the Bauhaus style house. He thinks I’m taking pictures of his church and asks if I want to go in. He unlocks the door and I go into the cool, dark space that is small and square with no seats; it smells of wood and incense. Opposite the door is a glinting icon, it is St Nicholas. His dark skinned face and chest are outlined with a silver halo; his hands are three dimensional and also made of silver.

I visit the art gallery housed in an old crimson building on the hight street. The art inside is wieghted with recent history, old stories of poverty, powerlessness and invisibility plus more recent ones of domestic violence and computer viruses.

On the way back I collect more stones and rubble, this begins to feel more relevant somehow. I sit awhile in the park watching the old men meeting, the familys walking and listen to the strange bird calls.