Ah, well, you see… its like this. Did one, then another and then … well.. time, sort of, just … went.

I’m still in a sort of Bermuda Triangle, between art, architecture and real life. There are ideas “in development” – dabbling with video as a catalyst for placemaking, and exploring the qualities of plywood (including homemade, and drawing and printing on it). I also want to explore casting as a sort of 3D printing – with all the lovely wavy anomalies that that would bring.

I’m delving deeper, and letting go a bit more of architectural design (not designing buildings, as such, but still the legacy of ‘proper’ architectural practice), so that I can use my architectural skills even more, without the tiresome hurdle jumps and the endless justifications of living without a label in a world of categories.

The other type of triangle that I’ve been exploring of late is that space between creative action, place and the spiritual dimension of life. I gave a presentation last year on the idea of ‘place’ and the reaction I got was very wide and inspired me to venture a bit further.

It raises questions of formality vs. plainness, intent vs. exploration and experience vs. analysis. Joseph Rykwert’s analysis of ‘The Primitive Hut’ is very illuminating. The qualities we ascribe to any created ‘place’ is ascribed after the event (i.e. all history is subjective). Can we create a ‘place’ or do we just discover it? There we are, that’s your homework!!

Collaboration, you ask? Not so much at the moment … unless you’re interested? Oh, and remind me tell you about my ‘Vale of Verse’.