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I got a text saying ‘are you coming to meeting?’ …….. 5.13pm.

At 6.25 pm …………. I read it and replied saying what meeting was that then and where was it?

As things became clearer on social media over the course of the evening and the next day it turns out it wasn’t really a meeting as such, more like a ‘Party’. A picture of a birthday cake with my name on appeared with a caption sorry you missed the party….er meeting!

This was a shame as it was clearly a team strengthening event with the virtual reality 3D film being previewed by all the artists involved in the project. Jolly photos of everyone wearing head sets exploring the moon landscape we had created in Dreamland in Margate with 8 Kent Primary Schools. It would have been great to see everyone exchange stories about the Art Builder installations we had just made in museums, galleries, bookshops, libraries, cafes, social clubs and churches and other public spaces across Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet. All eight schools creating a temporary installation open to the public. Art Builders everywhere.

I totally missed this, probably deleted the email with the invitation or just missed it altogether. I am sorry I missed the change to see everyone and hear what is happening next. I know there will be an Art Builders conference event at Turner Contemporary in Margate in the autumn and I missed the planning session and my role within it.

I expect I’ll get the chance to catch up. I have just had too many plates spinning at the same time and dropped this one. Actually, it never had a plate in the first place I didn’t know I’d dropped it.