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Art Hub Copenhagen
Art Hub Copenhagen, Halmtorvet 27, 1700 KBH V

Introduction with Helga Just Christoffersen, Executive Director
Three artists in residence Alexandra Hunts (NL/UA), Nina Nowak (DE/PL) and Rasmus Røhling (DK)

A bit about Art Hub Copenhagen (from their website)
The association Art Hub Copenhagen works to establish an international centre of artistic research, development and production in Copenhagen. The association is founded with the purpose of working to establish and manage Art Hub Copenhagen, including development and planning of the initiative as well as raising the necessary financial resources. Art Hub Copenhagen will be a dynamic house of artistic production, development and research that stimulates and challenges the professional artistic milieu, while focusing on the arts’ and artists’ engaged dialogue with the outside world.

From January 2019 Art Hub Copenhagen moved into its own space at the Meatpacking district in Copenhagen, and began working on activities with national and international partners. The space is temporary, why a search for a permanent place to realize Art Hub Copenhagen’s full potential is ongoing.

A bit about Art Hub Copenhagen (my notes from the visit)
Artists in residence were working with scientists. As a group we were impressed with how Helga treated the Artists in residence. As she said “they aren’t to here to be wheeled out like some sort of marketing material to talk about the space and their work.” She respected them and their space. She was direct and if she didn’t know an answer would just say so.

You can apply to hot desk there for a week or two, they are very social and enjoy lunch together. Artists in residence use the state workshop for woodwork, textiles etc. The space isn’t just about exhibitions but about the ideas, the process and the production. They receive / find project to project funding. In Copenhagen there are lots of opportunities for established artists but not so much for the emerging artists.

Helga believed it wasn’t useful to just give artists in residence a key to the space, she prefers to work with them. Helga curates the emerging section of the Chart Art Fair. They are supported by the Big foundation. Most art studios are out of the city, it’s a compromise between good location and underground / no windows sort of studio or move out of the city for a nicer studio. Art Hub is located in the Meat Packing district and has lots of windows.

Alexandra Hunts showed us around her exhibition which was on in the space at the time. Alexandra is from Amsterdam and was on a 6 month residency, she is interested in quantum physics.