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Aarhus Billedkunstcenter (AaBKC) / Aarhus Centre for Visual Art (AaBKC)
Introduction to AaBKC and its residency programme with Kirstine Schiess Højmose, Director

A bit about Aarhus Billedkunstcenter (AaBKC) (from their website)

Aarhus Center for Visual Art (Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, AaBKC) is an artist resource center serving visual artists in Denmark’s Central Jutland region.

Based in Aarhus Aarhus Center for Visual Art strengthens the local arts community by:

•  Creating opportunities for networking and collaboration between artists, arts institutions, and businesses
•  Offering counseling and professional development services to emerging and established artists
•  Facilitating discourse and community outreach with conferences and public art events
•  Aiming to improve local artists’ working conditions
•  Administering and advising on international work and residency opportunities for local artists, such as Tækker AIR Berlin
•  Facilitating courses and workshops

Aarhus Center for Visual Art launched AaBKC International in 2017. This platform features two new programs – AaBKC Residency and Traverse: Connecting International Artists Communities – that promote dialogue and exchange with international artists and curators. Learn more about AaBKC International here.

Aarhus Center for Visual Art operates within Godsbanen, a cultural production center that houses a large number of cultural agents including visual artists, writers, performers and designers.


Indgang 3E, 1. sal., Skovgaardsgade 3, DK-8000 Aarhus C
A tour of Godsbanen’s production spaces including Corporum (no website) and artist Jesper Rasmussen’s studio, led by Højmose.

A bit about Godsbanen (from their website)

10.500 M² OF CULTURE

The Cultural Production Center Godsbanen opened in 2012 in the buildings of an old freight train station. It is a creative powerhouse in the new city district of Aarhus; Aarhus K.

At Godsbanen you can improve your cultural skills and realize projects in the field of design, art and culture. If you are a cultural entrepreneur, designer or artist, you can become part of the creative community by renting an office space or a project room. And performing artists can develop their work by applying for the residency program in our large and well equipped black box theatre; Åbne Scene.

At Godsbanen you can experience more than 400 events annually – concerts in our music venue, exhibitions, performances in the two theatres, markets, festivals etc. Or you can just hang out, enjoy a good dinner or a cup of coffee or take a walk on our rooftop with a spectacular view over the city – the architecture is worth a visit in itself.

Godsbanen aim to support the development of cultural skills for all – no matter what the individual starting point is – for professionals, upcoming artists or con amore creatives.

Do you need to host a meeting, present a small or large project, rehearse for a show or something completely different?
Godsbanen offers studios, conference facilities, stage rooms, guest apartments; and they can be rented for an hour or up to a year.
More here (in Danish – contact [email protected], +45 8940 9936 for more info)

Godsbanen is home to amongst others Theatre Katapult, the music venue Radar, the black box Åbne Scene, Aarhus Centre for Visual Arts, Aarhus Centre for Literature and more than 60 cultural projects in all genres from magazine publishing to dance.
Meet them here

A large number of external event makers also use Godsbanen for exhibitions, workshops, conferences, meetings etc.

Godsbanen’s Workshops for Textile/Serigraphy/Accessories, Wood, Metal, Lasercutter, 3D-print, Ceramics and Graphics are open for all and well equipped. We offer help to self-help for projects in all forms and sizes – from printing a paper to building a hen house.