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It’s been about 6 months since I did my 3D CAD drawing course. Since then I downloaded free Rhino trial programme on my computer and been practising it on my own.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy to apply all the new learnt commands on my own designs. During 4 days training course we were bombarded with a lot of completely new information, so by the end of the course you feel very happy of what you have learnt and achieved. However once I opened the programme at home everything seemed really different and a bit overwhelming. I have been trying to practice using Rhino programmer every week for a few hours and I believe I am getting a little bit better every time!

My newest project is to design a watch dial that could be printed in 3D.

I work for company called Mr. Jones Watches as a watch maker. Every month we collaborate with different designers, illustrators or artists to design a watch for us. I have been dreaming about designing my own watch every since joining the company. In the past few months I have been actively thinking what kind of watch I want it to be. My jewellery designs are really textural and tactile, one of my signature style is my bubbly silicone pieces, so I wanted to keep a watch in similar style. However, to make a watch out of silicone would be practically impossible, and this is where my 3D drawing Rhino classes came in handy.

I came up with an idea for a dial that would have same bubbly texture, but then 3D printed in resin.



This is just very first prototype of 3D technical drawing and is not a final design yet. However I will be working on it further and maybe in the future we will see it as an actual watch!