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Design for Warwickshire Pandemic Stories

All of the aspects for the design come from the workshops. Lots of the participants draw three circles in the middle to represent them selves, baby and partner. They’re in red to represent a strong love. Around the centre are […]

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Advice on new business to help artists

Hello As well as doing my own artwork I am starting to provide some design services to help other artists to work in the public realm. I have spent 20 years working for the artist Walter Jack on large, complex, […]

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Colors, etc

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    November 14, 2021
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Dwell Awhile

Dwell Time and Yorkshire Visual Arts Network (YVAN) are delighted to announce their partnership on a new series of podcasts ‘Dwell Awhile’. These podcasts revisit conversations with artists interviewed by Dwell Time co-curator Alice Bradshaw for her ‘Resilience is Futile’ […]

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Isogashi, Isogashiiii!!!

Knitwear designer, JimiKnits gives an update on the knitting pattern releases, book launch and upcoming shows.

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End of may

Almost a monthly post. Busy responding to a call from Dragons Den. Thought this may be the best route to get the message to most public that YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT IS ECO AND […]

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Another design issue with Koffin?

Today I’m in Norfolk delivering a Koffin to a customer – (yes they are not yet really for sale however) a spare prototype from the exhibition that Jonothan, a army veteran “with 2 years left” has given me some great […]

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The Sadd Artist episode 4

The latest episode of the Sadd Artist just dropped. Here I talk to Designer Mike Holdcroft about a collaborative painting we worked on. Hopefully this will provide some insight into the benefits of working with other creatives…enjoy!

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Interview with InDesignSkills Ltd director, Grace Fussell

As part of my research into different businesses and creative women in business, I spoke to Director of InDesignSkills Ltd, Grace Fussell. Established as a limited company in April 2018, InDesignSkills is a blog-based e-business the offers authentic and relatable […]

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