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Preparing all my equipment and materials ready as I am looking forward to a great time in my studio tomorrow, it will be a big session of organising items for storage. And creating space for some works for the Open Studios for creating and exhibiting.

Having works to develop and work on during the next few weeks will be exciting and it will be reminding me it is not only about the tax, income and sales its about creating and investigating and preparing.

Tonight I created a work which is political and tacky placky playful with words as the political campaign occurs around this time leading up to many hopes, needs, and budgets met, though all about smear campaigns, deliciously tempting promises … much of what is said is just that, said..

As an Artist supporting Bob And Roberta Smith and all the Arts campaigners, prompting me to even consider putting myself forward!!! I strongly believe that Art is a necessary, its the best thing about Britain, without it there would be no business in Britain. Even Bankers invest in Art!!!! ALOT!!!



Arts are a vital part of learning and being creative. Its about not being afraid of what you have to offer and young people NEED that!!!